The only email management solution to offer fully integrated email security and continuity services.

Mimecast UEM Express offers seamless integration of email security and continuity services, to deliver continuous email security and DLP policy enforcement – even during outages. The bundle also includes desktop and mobile apps to provide end user access to relevant services and help boost productivity. Customers selecting UEM Express can easily add Mimecast’s archiving services as well as additional security services in order to meet their specific requirements.

Purpose-built, high performance secure cloud platform

Delivering a fully integrated security and continuity service is enabled through our purpose-built, high performance cloud platform, allowing us to provide the highest levels of security, reliability, integrity and performance.

The following are a selection of the services available to augment UEM Express.

Cloud Archive for Email

Email archiving is crucial for compliance and adherence to data retention best practice. But how can you derive more value from vital email data? Mimecast cuts the cost and complexity of secure, accessible email retention. Your users have instant access to every email they’ve ever sent or received and it gives administrators central control of email retention policies. Mimecast’s Cloud Archive for Email is a core component of the Mimecast Platform, and can be enhanced with additional services to augment archiving and security capabilities.

Advanced MTA

Many organizations have a complex set of infrastructure requirements for email management, most of which are solutions to business problems that have arisen over years of operations. The solution has always been to deploy more infrastructure in support of these requirements, usually within the network. This is particularly true for the addition of new email servers over time, or the integration of new offices during acquisitions.

Auto Responders

Maintain a managed process for automatically responding to inbound emails with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway. This feature gives your administrators the ability to control outbound notifications for a variety of situations; such as managing staff who have left the business, or responses to inbound enquiry emails.