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AmeriVault Services

Online Backup / Restore / Recovery Services
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Backup is easy; Recovery is hard! AmeriVault services gives you a robust data vault with military grade security and the tools you need to quickly and reliably recover files and restore systems as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery/business continuity service.


Robust, Secure, and Convenient Backups

AmeriVault delivers fast, one-step backup and offsite storage with quick restores. With no hardware to install and maintain, no media to buy and replace, you save money. You pay only for the storage space you use in the vault.


Mobile Vault Service

Restoring files from tape or over the Internet can be slow. With the industry's only Mobile Vault service, we can deliver an encrypted, secure copy of your data to your site. Recover data at speeds up to 1000 times faster than over-the-wire connections. Mobile Vaults also provide a fast, secure means of vaulting your initial backup.


Secure and Reliable

AmeriVault uses military-grade encryption to protect your data in transit and in the vault. Instant replication across vaults in multiple data centers ensures data availability, even during large scale disasters.


Fast and Furious

AmeriVault uses block-based, reverse-incremental technology, along with data compression and de-duplication to minimize network bandwidth and vault space. After the initial seed, only changes transmit.


Advanced Features and Options

You benefit from advanced features and options, including: Granular, message level backups for MS Exchange; Continuous Data Protection, Local Backup Copies; Centralized Management Console; Integrity Verification & Healing; and support for Shadow Copies and Virtualization.

Flexible Architecture

AmeriVault gives you the option to maintain backups using traditional time-based retention or by generations. You can also combine CDP generations with time-based retention plans.


Flexible Retention

Most online backup services limit your retention options. AmeriVault lets you create retention plans as needed for each backup set.


Flexible Scheduling

Not all backups should run every night at 10:00 pm. AmeriVault lets you customize backup schedules, selecting start/stop times, days, and other conditions.


Value Add Services

  • Deployment & Support: Let Cumulus assist you with a "best practice" configuration, your initial seed, and on-going operational support.


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