Mission & Philosophy


Cumulus Global helps small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions thrive by delivering cloud computing solutions.  We align technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines.  We leverage our expertise, vendor relationships, and a diversified range of best-of-breed cloud services to create custom solutions with tangible value.


We love cloud computing. We see the potential for and the benefits. We also understand that IT decisions cannot be made on hopes and dreams. Our management team brings over 5 decades of combined experience running and leading IT teams for small and mid-size businesses. From software development, data center operations, applications management, networks, and support, to staffing, policies, and compliance, we understand the challenges facing CIOs and IT Directors. As such, we bring a healthy dose of pragmatism to our engagements, working with our clients — focusing on business goals, objectives, and priorities.

Cloud for cloud’s sake is not the answer. Well thought-out solutions deliver results.