Extended Protection

Cumulus Global offers a range of service and warranty plans that help you mitigate the risk and maintain your fleet of devices. Our Extended Service Plans and Insurance options may be purchased separately, or as part of an overall protection package.

Extended Service Plans

Extended Service Plans (ESPs) provide low cost assurance that your Chromebooks and other devices can be repaired affordably. ESPs provide repair or replacement for component failures after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Most ESPs have dollar value limits on the total repair work available for each device.


Insurance plans provide coverage for accidental damage or loss due to theft, vandalism,  and accidents. While insurance plans may limit the total value of repairs available to each device, they cover repairs and replacements for the most common forms of damage and loss.

Cases, Sleeves, Backpacks, and more …

HG SleeveProtecting your technology from damage is always more cost-effective than repairs and replacements.

We offer a full range of protective cases, sleeves, and backpacks that will carry and protect your Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile tech. Working with Higher Ground, Bump Armor, and other vendors, we can find the right match for you devices, usage needs, and budget.

Contact us to discuss your needs and options.