ChromeCycle Program Services

Chrome device program requires planning and administrative resources.

We designed the ChromeCycle program to reduce your total cost of ownership and improve the sustainability of your Chrome device program.

ChromeCycle services cover the administrative, technical, and business services for the full technology life cycle.

We offload your administrative effort and costs from life cycle planning and acquisition through disposition and device refresh.

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Purchase Registration and Competitive Bid services help us get you the best pricing possible for your Chrome devices. Device-as-a-Service lets you pay for what you need without ownership of the devices.

Asset Life Cycle

We can help you with your Inventory Tracking and Life Cycle Planning. Our Warranty Assistance services help speed repairs.

BYOD Support

We help make BYOD easy with Group Purchasing Programs and BYOD Stores. We also offer Individual Protection Plans for personal devices.


When you are ready to refresh or upgrade your devices, our Trade-In  and Buy-Back program saves your money. We also offer secure destruction services.


We offer a range of extended warranty and protection plans from manufacturers, third parties, and as self-insurance.

White Glove

Let us simplify deployment with advanced configuration and asset tagging services. We can also etch logos to personalize your devices.