Cloud VDI

If you’ve moved your email, most of your file services, and some of your apps to SaaS and cloud solutions, chances are you are left with only a few apps that are still dependent on your in-house Windows network.

Our Cloud VDI solutions provide virtual desktops and servers that can host your applications and provide you with browser or think-client access. Empty the computer closet without losing your applications or data.

  • CloudConnect is a fully managed VDI service
  • Ericom AccessNow is an affordable VDI solution for on-premise or hosted servers

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is the world leader in file sync, share, and collaboration.  Easy to use; easy to manage.  Plans offer from 2 TB to unlimited storage with advanced administration and security features.

Google Drive as a File Server

Google Drive is a great peer to peer file sharing service.  It is great for sharing and sync’ing, but you want more. We offer tools that integrate Google Drive to your Windows or Mac Desktop, giving users access to data and existing applications without having to keep and sync a local copy.

Within Google Apps, we have solutions that create a centrally managed file service within Drive, that looks and feels like a traditional on-premise file server. And, you can upgrade the solution to create a document portal with manage workflow and expanded meta data.

Cloud Storage and Servers

If all you need is a place to save your data, or a raw Windows or Linux server, we have solutions to meet most any need from a range of vendors, including:

Contact us and we will match your needs with a solution.

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