AODocs is the only advanced document management solution fully integrated with Google Drive, Apps and Sites. Enterprise-class businesses can migrate securely to the cloud and gain an automated workflow environment that streamlines their ability to manage, publish and archive documents.

Get all the benefits of AODocs File Server plus the capabilities that large, virtual, or complex businesses need.


For most companies today, moving to the cloud is an inevitability. But then what? AODocs Document Portal for Google Cloud can replace many paper- and email-based business processes with a robust document-level management platform and workflow engine that’s fully-integrated with Google Drive and Google Apps. Set up is easy with a drag-and-drop interface. AODocs — the next step in your cloud migration.


Version Control

Documents are a means to an end — sharing ideas and information. Our powerful versioning is integrated with Google Drive’s revision system, working seamlessly with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other file formats from vendors such as Google and Microsoft to name a few. The latest version of documents is clearly identified and labeled with custom names and descriptions to ensure support of “best practices” but also the access to the version you need.


AODocs Advanced Search builds on the flexible view system found in AODocs File Server. Configure as many different views as you like, each with a specific set of columns, filters, sorting order, etc. With Advanced Search, you can also attach or link documents such as estimates, HR forms, purchase orders, packing slips, etc., and search within those attached files.


Just because it’s time to get rid of aging infrastructure doesn’t mean starting over. Migrate Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, eRoom and other legacy systems to the efficiency, improved collaboration and better customization of AODocs Document Portal. You’ll retain the established content structure, workflow and taxonomies your users expect, while still moving fully into the cloud.