Add a suite of powerful business features to everything you already love about Google Drive.

AODocs transforms Google Drive into a robust, cloud-based file server with greater admin control, customized document organization, improved search functions and increased security. AODocs is the only file server built on Google Drive, with content available anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Google Integration

Moving your business to the cloud is only an advantage if your people understand how to use it. Since AODocs is the only virtual file server and document management solution fully integrated with Google Apps, consider it done. You’ll have all the control, security and collaboration your company needs, without compromising any of the user-friendly benefits and interface of Google.

SYSTEM-ACCOUNTCentralized Ownership

AODocs automatically transfers the ownership of your Google Drive files to a centrally managed system account. The AODocs folders in your Google Drive behave like an enterprise file server, where the documents are safely stored in a protected area, eliminating the risk of data loss when a person leaves the organization or when files are accidentally deleted. AODocs’ centralized ownership also allows system administrators to control the document permissions, and to monitor user actions in a comprehensive audit log.


Search Capabilities

AODocs search is more efficient than trying to find a needle in a haystack. Flexible views allow users to browse for documents in the most effective way for them; views can be configured with a range of columns, search terms metadata, sorting order, etc. and target the search within specific folders. Additionally, documents can be pushed to folders so the needle can be found even when no one’s looking for it.


The most frequent data loss isn’t caused by intentional or malicious conduct; it’s just human error. AODocs protects managed files by storing them in a centrally-owned account that can also control file permissions and external sharing. This provides improved security and eliminates the loss of data when an employee leaves the company. Or…when people just act like people.

MS-APPS-INTEGRATIONMicrosoft App Integration

AODocs integrates seamlessly with Office, so users can work with native Microsoft documents directly within the AODocs environment and can convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to Google Apps if necessary.


With AODocs File Server you can move from costly on-premise or outsourced resources to a truly secure cloud environment. Choose AODocs Document Portal for an even more robust document management solution, without the high costs of legacy systems.