Provide the freedom, flexibility, and security of a fully hosted desktop solution.

CloudConnect-LogoCloudConnect is a virtual desktop and server cloud designed for business. As the hosted solution for SMB, CloudConnect provides IT professionals the capability to deploy fully hosted virtual desktop environments for their end users. This improves management capability, enhances data security, and reduces IT costs.


Users gain access to the Windows Desktop from anywhere using any internet capable device. CloudConnect utilizes the latest technology to provide partners and their users with 24/7 access to a comprehensive hosted solution. Provide access to important line of business applications by work group and setup share folders between specific users. Gain the many end-user benefits associated with a virtual desktop and server while adding the convenience of remote maintenance and management.


Data security is CloudConnect’s primary responsibility. The security of users’ data is critical to their business, their customers, their reputation, and their employees. From inception, the CloudConnect platform was designed to maximize data security. From the specific architecture of the platform, to use of the latest encrypted hard drive technology, CloudConnect has taken every possible measure to ensure ultimate data security. The infrastructure utilizes the latest in security and encryption technology. From 128-bit AES encryption to data integrity checking, the platform reduces vulnerability to security risks such as data breaches or man-in-the-middle attacks.


Improve delivery and uptime, and keep your IT networks insulated from unpredictable events. CloudConect provides your users with the flexibility to login from anywhere, reducing the effects of external factors such as onsite power outages and internet outages. Redundancy at every layer of the platform, together with a strong SLA, ensures that IT professionals and end users can depend on their CloudConnect Desktop at all times. System transparency and dependable Help Desk support ensures that partners have the necessary resources to keep their network environments functioning properly.

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