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profitbricks-logoIntroducing ProfitBricks – the Price/Performance Leader in the Cloud, built on Cloud Computing 2.0

Finally, Cloud Computing that is fast, flexible, easy to use and priced to be budget friendly.

More Speed, Less Effort, Better Value – take the tour below and discover why only one provider offers the cloud as we all envisioned it years ago. Meet ProfitBricks, a second generation Cloud Computing IaaS provider built on Cloud Computing 2.0.

Your Cloud and Virtual Data Centers, Your Way.

ProfitBricks provides your team with an unprecedented amount of flexibility to design and configure a virtual data center that meets your architecture, cloud performance, and budget needs.

First generation Cloud providers are optimized more for their efficiency, not for yours. ProfitBricks is a new generation and offers independently customizable servers, cloud storage and cloud networks. You can select the desired amount of CPU cores, RAM and storage needed for your Cloud servers. For networking, if you can build it in a patch panel, you can build it on the ProfitBricks Cloud.

Cloud Performance Matters!

The days of slow cloud servers and angry users are over, the ProfitBricks Cloud is 2x the performance of Amazon EC2.

Performance is one of the most critical elements to consider in the Cloud.

Slow speeds = lost productivity and lost revenue. ProfitBricks customers experience far higher performance (2x or more!) for their cloud environments – for everything from servers to networks. With dedicated CPU cores, dedicated RAM and networks that run at 80Gb/s, ProfitBricks cloud servers, storage and networks really fly compared to first generation Clouds.

Spinning Up Your New Virtual Data Center In The Cloud Couldn’t Be Easier.

ProfitBricks includes the world’s easiest to use virtual data center design tool and a complete set of APIs.

The first generation Cloud Computing was great for developers, but data center managers and development teams needed something better.

ProfitBricks is Cloud Computing 2.0 and our class-leading Data Center Designer (DCD) helps you and your team be more agile with fewer resources and minimal training.

Spend Less and Get More From The Public Cloud

ProfitBricks is the Price/Performance Leader in Cloud Computing – offering the best price/performance ratio – with pay-as-you-go, minute-based usage pricing, no up-front payments, and no hidden charges

Our clear, simple pricing model eliminates surprises and is based on 4 known values: CPU Cores + RAM + Storage + Bandwidth.

Compared to Amazon EC2, ProfitBricks is 1/2 the price and offers 2x the performance. It’s  the best value in Cloud Computing.

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