WyebotWireless Intelligence Platform (WIP)

WiFi Visibility, Efficiency, and Automation

As you add more wireless devices to support manufacturing, e-learning, inventory management, sales, and more, the smallest WiFi issue can become a huge headache for your most critical processes if you lack visibility into the problem and can’t tackle it quickly.

Wyebot’s on-premise sensors, user-friendly dashboard, and cloud-based, patented, predictive analytics software let you keep your WiFi running, reliable, and efficient.

Complete WiFi Ecosystem Visibility

  • Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral profiling and device pattern recognition
  • Client monitoring for BYOD
Wyebot Dashboard

Security Breach Detection

  • Proactive breach notification
  • Auto detect rogue APs and clients
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Detection of vulnerable point of entries

Remote Network Test Suite

  • Remote Client Connectivity Test
  • Isolate Network Components
  • 24×7 Operational

Automated Detection, Notification & Mitigation of WiFi Problems

  • Proactive 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Automated solution response
  • Improved performance, reliability and security
Wyebot - Sensor Screen

Flexible Service Options

Each Wyebot sensor covers approximately 10,000 square feet. Sensors can be installed in a specific location, or can be moved to different locations as needed to diagnose issues.

WiFi Assessment

Place sensor(s) on-site for ~72 hours and receive a report documenting Critical and Major issues and recommended actions based on WIP’s predictive analytics.

WiFi Assessment Package

A package of three (3) or six (6) assessments spaced evenly throughout the year provide frequent monitoring and adjustment of your WiFi network, responding to changes in your environment, demand, or user patterns.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Deploy one or more sensors on-site for on-going monitoring of your WiFi network. Improves analysis with historical data and allows for sensors to be placed permanently or temporarily where needed most.

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