RestartIT is Venyu’s umbrella of disaster recovery-as-a-service offerings. Every version of RestartIT is a full-fledged, commercial grade cloud backup and recovery system, backed by Venyu’s battle-tested facilities and people.

RestartIT comes in three levels of recovery: RestartIT+, RestartIT+DR, and RestartIT+VM. You have the ability to mix and match your server’s required RTO with the RestartIT service level in order to maximize return on investment.

RestartIT+ – Cloud Backup and Recovery

For a system that doesn’t need to be recovered right away, RestartIT+ is the perfect solution. This is the base level of RestartIT that will get large data stores recovered in 12 to 24 hours – file restores take just minutes. It utilizes commercial grade backup technology that fully-automates your business’s backup process, and allows for a host of system recovery options. This is a great option for important records or files that have to stay on hand, but are rarely accessed.

RestartIT+DR – Complete IT System Disaster Recovery Solution

Our middle tier of service is RestartIT+DR that will get large stores of data and complete IT systems recovered in just 4 to 12 hours and is perfect for physical systems. Utilizing the RestartIT systems recovery plan, along with a fully-staged and tested virtualized disaster recovery platform, RestartIT+DR can guarantee that your systems are back up and running within half a day. This option is fantastic for critical systems that are accessed more frequently and can survive a 2+ hour RTO.

RestartIT+VM – Cloud Based DR for Virtualized Environments

The newest innovation from Venyu is our RestartIT+VM offering. Why are we so proud and excited about this new service? Near instantaneous recovery. RestartIT+VM will get you back up and running in 0 to 4 hours, with most recoveries happening in just a few minutes and a clicks. Powered by Zerto, RestartIT+VM is fully storage, vendor and protocol agnostic, meaning that data from any source can be protected in Venyu’s cloud platform.

Protected data is also replicated near synchronously to VenyuCloud, no snapshots here. When you decide to failover to the cloud it is only seconds behind your native systems,you can continue to work and then failback to your own system all in only minutes. This is the solution that ‘always on’ businesses have been waiting for. If you can’t afford to lose any time due to data loss – RestartIT+VM is for you.