Virtru is the first client-side email encryption solution that doesn’t compromise on security or usability. Virtru’s unique approach allows for ease of use, widespread adoption and pervasive protection.

Airtight email encryption.

When you send messages with Virtru, your emails and files are locked using strong encryption. Only you and your recipients will have the keys to decrypt your messages.

Virtru is an email add-on.

Virtru works with your existing email provider, like GMail, Outlook or Yahoo. Just install Virtru in your browser, mobile device, or email application. That’s it. As an official Google for Work partner, Virtru’s integration with Google is seamless.

Turn on Virtru to encrypt emails and attachments.

When you’re writing an email, just flip the Virtru switch to send secure. Your message and attachments will be instantly encrypted and protected. You’ll also be able to use Virtru’s other powerful features like revoking messages and controlling forwarding.

Virtru encrypts. Your email provider stores and sends.

Separation of content and encryption gives you an inherent extra level of privacy. Virtru can NEVER see your content, while your email provider can never get the keys to the “locks” on your secure emails.

Recipients simply verify their identity to unlock and read.

Virtru is as easy for recipients as it is for senders. They can read your message anywhere, without installing any software. As soon as they verify their identity, they’ll be able to read your messages and files.

Comply with regulations without sacrificing workflow or productivity.

Secure sensitive information and support compliance including HIPAA, FERPA, CJIS, ITAR, and others.




Virtru and HIPAA


Virtru and CJIS