Increase Productivity with Google Apps Training

synergyse logoBy leveraging the power of Chrome we bring training software directly into Google Apps. Like a virtual tutor, the training guides people inside their own Google Apps environment and intelligently trains them to be more productive as they work throughout the day.

Simple, efficient, effective solution.
Synergyse is the only training solution directly embedded inside Google Apps interface. No need to leave your workflow to get the specific training you need to continue your work. Interactive lessons are delivered with audio, text and visual cues to teach features as you use them in real time.

Self-paced and on-demand training.
Synergyse is available anytime and anywhere you have access to Google Apps, so you can learn what you need at your own pace and on your own schedule. Easily track your training progress, and recommend specific lessons to your peers.

Easy and fast to setup and deploy.
Deploy to your entire organization in a few simple steps typically in less than 15 minutes. Deploy to Chromebooks, Windows, OS X & Linux machines using Chrome Management in Google Apps Admin Console and Group Policies. HD video training portal is available for non-Chrome browsers, so everyone in your organization is covered.

Automatic updates, forever.
Your Google Apps training materials will always be relevant. Synergyse provides a 14-day turnaround from when new features hit the Google Rapid Release track. All Synergyse users will automatically receive notifications and new lessons whenever new Google Apps features become available.

Better IT and support operations.
Automatically receive updates on all Google Apps changes across the entire organization saves IT operations a lot of time. It also saves IT time to respond to user inquiries with direct links to specific lessons. As a bonus, our interactive training for Google Apps Admin Console helps your new admins with no costs to your organization.

Tracking and reporting of training progress.
Synergyse provides analytics on training usage that can be used to generate reports for the entire organization, specific groups, or specific users. This helps you measure the progress of training across the organization, and focus your efforts on particular Google Apps and adoption strategies.

Unlimited storage for private content.
With Synergyse, you can host your own private video training content for your organization. You can also attach important documentation and links to your videos to ensure everyone has the resources they need.