Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction and IT Consulting Services

4th_bin_logoWe provide secure and environmentally responsible electronics recycling, equipment buy-back, data destruction, and IT consulting services. We are primarily concerned with protecting your critical data, increasing ROI, and responsibly disposing of your electronics. Additionally, we have built a network of generalists and specialists we can refer on a need-by-need basis.

4th-bin-asset-value-recoveryIT Asset Value Recovery & Disposition

If you are looking to get paid for your corporate IT assets, look no further. Not only is reuse the purest form of electronics recycling but it allows you to recover value on your initial investment. 4th Bin will help maximize your ROI and residual value on your IT assets quickly and efficiently.

4th-bin-e-waste-recyclingElectronics & E-Waste Recycling in New York City

4th Bin’s e-waste collection and electronics recycling is unrivaled. We make it efficient, simple, ethical and responsible for New York City based businesses to dispose of, and recycle, their electronics and e-waste. We never export, send to landfill, or stockpile anything in our care. As such we are e-Steward, R2, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and B Corporation certified.

4th-bin-data-destructionCertified Business Data Destruction

As longtime IT professionals, we know that data security is everything. Our certified data destruction services eliminate risk, liability, and the potential impact of not securing your data. Understanding the full weight of the data destruction issues, we can indemnify losses as a result of negligence on our part. But more important than our insurance is our word that nothing is more important to 4th Bin than the ethical safeguarding and recycling of your sensitive equipment and data.

4th-bin-staff-supportStaff Support

We also offer on-site staff support. If you want to manage internal costs and human resources, 4th Bin can help your employees focus on what they do best while guaranteeing the job gets done to your standards. Our Services include data Center decommissions, data Center relocation, IT Equipment relocation due to office move, new equipment refresh, and temporary warehousing of equipment for staging of projects.

4th-bin-it-consultingIT Consulting

From strategic planning to implementation, 4th Bin can adeptly support all of your IT needs. Our team and renowned partner network feature premier consulting firms with tremendous range and depth of experience in business and technology. The range of services represented by our network includes cloud services, security, networking, deployment, integration, telecom, help desk, and moving and storage.