From File Server to Cloud

For small and midsize businesses like yours, the thought of moving your file server to the cloud quickly becomes a stressful consideration. While you want (and need) the access, security, and convenience of the cloud, services like OneDrive and Google Drive look, feel, and behave differently than your local file server. Figuring out how you set your cloud file service becomes can quickly become a daunting task.

You can create a cloud file service that gives you the structure and control of your local file server.

In this month’s 3T@3 Webcast, From File Server to Cloud, our CEO and Pragmatic Evangelist Allen Falcon discusses and demonstrates how you can create and manage a cloud file service that looks, feels, and functions more like your local file server. He will cover topics including:

  • File Service vs “Sync and Share”
  • Explorer: Browser versus Desktop
  • Managed file services using Google Drive
  • Managed file services using OneDrive
  • When to consider 3rd Party solutions

Please join us for this 3T@3 Webcast and expand your cloud horizons.