SMB Hybrid Clouds

3T@3 Webcast Series on November 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM ET

When you read tech media about cloud, the evolving focus is on hybrid clouds. Hybrid clouds, in the form of a mix of public cloud, private clouds, and on-premise services, are the clear strategic direction for larger enterprises. SMBs and smaller mid-market companies don’t have large portfolios of custom systems or the resources to build private clouds. As such, hybrid clouds look much different for small and midsize businesses.

What is the Right Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

In this month’s 3T@3 Webcast, SMB Hybrid Clouds, our CEO and Pragmatic Evangelist Allen Falcon will discuss the structure and types of hybrid clouds with a focus blending Software-as-a-Service, private services in public clouds, and on-premise integration. Allen will present how your hybrid cloud strategy can increase efficiency and manage IT costs.

Join us and see how the right hybrid cloud strategy can improve your business.

Hybrid Cloud

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