7 Policies for Every Company Using Drive

Cover.7 Policies for Every Company Using DriveeBook
Source: Cumulus Global

Moving to Google Apps, particularly Drive, changes the way you access and share your company’s data. Thankfully, Google Apps for Work is secure; you are protected from hardware and software failures, and your data is safe from hackers.

Things can, however, still go wrong.

Compromised user accounts, nefarious third party apps, lost or stolen devices without protection, and user permission and sharing errors can all lead to data leaks and breaches. Businesses are now also held responsible for workplace behavior and communications, from inappropriate language to the quality of customer interactions.

Whether accidental or intentional, the power to communicate, share, and collaborate comes with risks you need to monitor and manage. At the end of the day, no one wants to worry about data leaks and policy violations.

Setting, monitoring, and managing these seven policies creates an environment that protects your data, your business, and your customers.

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