Unlimited Drive Storage: Are You Ready?

3T@3 Webcast Series: Oct 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM EDT

As organizations’ use of Google Apps expand, their need for cloud storage and other advanced services rapidly grows.  For many, Google Apps Unlimited (GAU) is the solution, with unlimited Drive storage, Google Apps Vault archiving, and advanced reporting, APIs, and controls.  GAU gives businesses and governments greater opportunities to leverage Google Apps within their organizations, with vendors/partners, and with customers.

With unlimited storage, however, comes new challenges.  While removing the limitation of space, Google Apps Unlimited creates a potentially infinite peer-to-peer network that IT and business managers will want and will need to manage.

In this October’s 3T@3 Webcast, we will discuss a broad range of issues and challenges related to using Drive as a global file service.  Topics will include:

  • Creating a managed file service
  • Providing data protection and recovery
  • Managing teacher-student engagement
  • Setting policies to ensure privacy
  • Protecting confidential and sensitive data
  • Leveraging Vault as a management tool

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