4 Overlooked Threats to Your Google Apps Data

3T@3 Webcast Series: Feb 24, 2015 at 3:00 PM EST

Google, more than any other cloud provider, is a prime target for hackers. With a security team of thousands and an infrastructure designed from conception to be secure, Google has never suffered a data breach from a direct attack on it’s systems.  Google Apps customers, however, cannot afford to let security awareness laps. Attacks on Google Apps accounts come through your users — via malware, rogue applications, and user error.

Google Apps accounts can and will be compromised if your protection is lax.

In February’s 3T@3 Webcast, 4 Overlooked Threats to Your Google Apps Data, we look at four (4) specific threats to your Google Apps data that most small and mid-size businesses overlook when considering how well they protect their data. For each threat, we will discuss the risk and present solutions.

And, as always, we left plenty of time for Q&A.

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