Self-Directed Learning

Not everyone is best served in classroom and workshop learning environments. We offer multiple, self-directed learning options for those that prefer video and interactive learning, or researching solutions on their own.

Our self-directed learning solutions also supplement classroom and webinar experiences with easy lookup and review of topics.

People have different learning styles.

For those that prefer self-paced, self-directed learning, we offer multiple web-based learning system. Designed for adult learning, our solutions offer video-based courses in short modules.

Synergyse offers interactive sessions, where users step through the actions. Boost-eLearning provides video-based learning modules. Both solutions update as Google adds features/functions throughout the year.

Google Apps Learning Sites provide a branded web site to help your team learn more about Google Apps and how to best use it in their daily jobs. Google Apps Learning Sites contain how-to information, FAQ’s, and curated videos.

When appropriate, we include specific information, such as guides to Gmail for Outlook lovers.