Cumulus Global offers custom and packaged, customized, and industry-specific solutions designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size organizations, including

  • Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • K-12 Schools and Higher Education
  • Local and regional governments and agencies

Solution Packages

CumuluSuite SoHo

  • Priced and packaged for businesses with under 20 employees
  • Google Apps for Business bundled with Premium Deployment and Support
  • Add managed files services, email archiving, and/or email encryption services based on your needs
  • Optional training services help ensure a smooth transition

CumuluSuite Office

  • Google Apps for Business bundled with Managed File Services and Premium Deployment and Support
  • Provides the data protection and security services you want and expect
  • Drive mapping integrates Windows and Mac systems, as well as MS Office and other legacy local applications, with the Managed File Service
  • Optional training services help ensure a smooth transition

CumuluSuite VDI

  • A complete Windows server and desktop environment delivered via thin client or your favorite HTML5 compatible browser
  • Supports most legacy applications that run on Microsoft servers and cleints, including those dependent on MS SQL Server
  • Includes persistent disk space and baseline backup/recovery services
  • Integrates with CumuluSuite Office for hybrid cloud services

Custom Packages and Solutions

Custom Google Apps Packages

Cumulus Global will customize a package specific to your business needs.  We beyond the features and services to include integration with your existing computer environment and the IT resources at your disposal.  Our formula is simple.

Cloud Consulting

Begin with a cloud readiness assessment and chart your own path.  Working with clients, we develop cloud road maps that help organizations move into the cloud in phases that meet business objectives and priorities — and budgets.

Industry Solutions

Cumulus Global offers a number of industry-specific solutions and services.

  • K-12 Education, public and private
  • Small/Midize Higher Ed
  • Local/Regional Government
  • Public Libraries
  • Franchises
  • Real Estate
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