For many of our customers, moving email and file services to the cloud leaves one or more legacy applications behind on on-premise servers. While leaving them on-premise is an option, doing so can limit access and the ability to share reports and other information.

Hosted VDI

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services provide a full Windows network accessible from nearly Internet-connected device.

  • Via browser or thin-client receiver, users see a full Windows desktop with access specific applications and services
  • Server-based applications run in a fully compliant Windows server environment
  • Malware protection and backup/recovery services protect your data

On the back-end, we integrate VDI storage with your cloud storage, enabling seamless data and report distribution.

On-Premise VDI

If you have existing equipment and want the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure, we offer software solutions that provide full VDI services, with brokering and load balancing, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


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