A smart entry point for better email, calendaring, and communications, while keeping your file servers and MS Office.

What You Want

CumuluSuite Collaborate is right for your business when you want to …

  • Make it easier for your team to communicate and share information
  • Let folks work remotely, securely, without the technical and performance issues of a VPN
  • Use a robust email service that works as well from mobile devices as it does from desktops and laptops
  • Manage your time with personal calendars
  • Continue using MS Office and other desktop and network applications
  • Keep your server for storing and sharing files
  • Occasionally upload, sync, and share documents securely
  • Give your team access to support so they can work more efficiently

You may also want to …

  • Create shared calendars to track vacation schedules or manage projects
  • Post a calendar of events on your web site
  • Delete data from a lost or stolen smart phone or tablet
  • Let folks use secure instant messaging to communicate
  • Begin to replace conference calls with video conferencing

Powered by ..

Google Apps for Work
MS Office 365

Fits Your Business

CumuluSuite Collaborate is designed for small and mid-size businesses in which:

  • Email as a critical business tool
  • Key team members frequently use smart phones or tablets for email, calendars, and access to files
  • MS Office and other desktop applications are still needed and key to operations
  • Windows desktop and/or network software provides line of business applications
  • The organization is not ready, or does not need, to use cloud storage as a primary means of saving and sharing files

A Solid Foundation

Pick your platform: Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365:

  • Email and personal contacts, with delegation and shared/group inboxes
  • Calendars — personal, resource, and shared
  • File storage, sync, and share with full integration with MS Windows and Mac OS
  • Free voice and video conferencing, with desktop sharing, via Hangouts
  • Native integration with Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • Personal space for email and files in Google Drive or OneDrive
  • Robust user and mobile device management features

Cumulus Global bundles in our unlimited Premier Support, including “Tier 2” end user support.

Options and Upgrades

We offer a range of options and upgrades to meet your specific business needs, including:

  • Compliant archiving and e-discovery services to meet your regulatory or policy requirements
  • Additional storage for your power users
  • Advanced management tools ideal for
    • Mid-size and larger organizations
    • Companies with seasonal staffing level changes
  • Cloud backup for laptops
  • Malware and virus protection for computers, tablets, and smart phones