Our Near-Zero Footprint (NZF) solution lets you access your legacy Windows network and desktop applications from within a browser or virtual client.

For many businesses, moving your email, file, and print services to the cloud leaves only few applications running on your in-house network. If you also use cloud-based CRM, email marketing, ERP, and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, the number of legacy applicants will be even less. Our Near-Zero Footprint (“NZF”) solutions let you move your remaining to a cloud-hosted environment, eliminating the need for your remaining on-premise servers and enabling lower cost options for end user devices.

What You Want

CumuluSuite NZF is right for your business when you want to …

  • Eliminate aging servers without buying upgrades and replacements
  • Continue to use custom databases and applications that require a Windows server and/or desktop
  • Let team members work remotely and securely
  • Eliminate the need for VPN services, along with technical and performance issues VPNs create
  • Connect your Windows and cloud environments
  • Spend less on desktops and laptops
  • Use tablets and mobile devices to get more done
  • Protect your business from hardware and software failures
  • Keep your business running in the face of disaster, such as power outages, fire, floods, and other disasters
  • Give your team access to support so they can work more efficiently

You may also want to …

  • Switch to Chrome devices or other thin clients, or extend the life of your existing PCs and Laptops
  • Let you IT services scale with your business
  • Switch from capital expenditures to operating expense, improving your bottom line
  • Reduce your networking costs by eliminating point-to-point connections
  • Improve performance and reliability

Fits Your Business

Cumulus NZF solutions are designed for small and mid-size businesses in which:

  • CumuluSuite, Google Apps or Office 365, and/or select SaaS applications provide most business functions
  • Some users need access to legacy Windows-based applications that do not yet have viable cloud-based solutions, such as:
    • Databases
    • Accounting Systems
    • Custom-Built Software
    • Industry-Specific Software Packages
  • MS Office and other desktop applications are still needed by some users
  • Users work remotely or on mobile devices some or most of the time
  • Keeping company data on personal or home computers is not acceptable

A Solid Foundation

With CumuluSuite NZF as the platform, you get:

  • A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service that gives you virtual servers and desktops as a cloud service
  • A full MS Windows server infrastructure for server-based and client-server applications
  • Virtual Windows desktops for each user that needs one, with a MS Office license
  • Fully redundant storage, with malware protection and basic backup/recovery services
  • A secure, SSAE-16 Type 2 accredited Tier III data center managed by CloudConnect, a premier Microsoft and Citrix Hosting Partner

Cumulus Global bundles in our unlimited Premier Support, including tier 2 end user support.

The CloudConnect Virtual Server is a full instance of a MS Windows Server 2008 R2, which is actively monitored and managed for availability and performance.  The server may be scaled as needed for performance and capacity, providing flexible compute power, memory, and disk space configurations.

Data Protection is included with the Virtual Server, providing 7 nightly and 10 weekly snapshots.  Additional backup/recovery services may be provisioned if needed to meet specific business requirements.