For many  businesses, solid backup and data recovery is not enough. Businesses want to know that when the unexpected happens, they will be able to continue to function and service the customers.

Cumulus Global offers a range of business continuity and Virtual Disaster Recovery (Virtual DR) services that prevent outages and downtime as well as they help you recover.


Our cloud solutions give you assurances of business continuity. Beyond SaaS-based applications and systems and data redundant data centers, our continuity services include hosted VoIP communication services. Your business stays up and running with a browser and an Internet connection.

Virtual DR

Our Virtual DR services can have you up and running after a disaster. We deliver Return To Operation (RTO) times as short as 4 hours, without the expense of a full-time failover environment.

Our Virtual DR environment takes daily snapshots of your key servers and applications, placing them on warm standby servers. In the event of an emergency, your servers spin up, most recent datasets loaded, and network connections completed.