We offer multiple email encryption services for on-premise mail servers and Google Apps.

Our services feature

  • Email tagging for policy-compliant encryption
  • Heuristics scanning for automated encryption
  • Secure portal delivery, with custom branded portal options
  • Transparent, end-to-end service for trusted senders and recipients

Google Apps Message Encryption

A custom version of Zixmail, Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME) is the only integrated message-level encryption service designed and built to work with Google Apps. Designed for companies in need of 100 or more encrypted accounts, GAME integrates with the Admin Console for easy management and configuration.


Partnering with Zixcorp, we offer Zixmail as a service for message level encryption. With general and custom-branded portals, Zix’s proprietary heuristics, and the embedded Zix Directory service, we offer an end-to-end solution with no user minimums.

Zixmail runs equally well with Google Apps as well as with on-premise email servers, including MS Exchange.


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