Your EHR lets you manage and protect your patient records and data. Our CumuluSuite Office and Compliance solutions cover the rest of your practice.

What You Want

Focus on your patients and your practice, not your technology and systems.

  • Email for you and your staff, accessible from your computers, phone, and tablet
  • Automatic encryption for occasional emails with protected information
  • Personal and shared calendars for easy scheduling and time management
  • Easy-to-use, secure file and document storing and sharing with encryption
  • Free voice and video conferencing for team meetings and training
  • Secure access from any smart phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Protection from malware and other threats
  • Unlimited support for you and your team

CumuluSuite Office and Compliance packages ensure your environment is usable while protecting your data, your patients, and your practice.

Our consulting and documentation services help match your policies to the technologies and services we put in place.

Fits Your Business

With and easy-to-use IT infrastructure, your office can run more efficiently and effectively for your and your patients.

Shared Documents and Folders

  • Replace your on-premise server with flexible, secure, accessible file services


  • A secure site for internal documents, HR forms, procedure manuals, and more

Audio and Video Conferencing

  • Chromebox for Meetings and Hangouts give you affordable audio and video conferencing ideal for training sessions and company meetings

Compliance and Protection Solutions

  • Backup and recovery protects all of your data in the cloud
  • Encryption and privacy solutions help ensure you maintain HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance requirements


  • Simplify your IT for lower costs and fewer administrative headaches

A Flexible Foundation

Our CumuluSuite packages and solutions leverage Google Apps for Work as an efficient business operating platform. We delivery communication, collaboration, file, and print services that helps your team work together and stay focused on your goals. We also have the flexibility to meet your office’s specific needs, priorities, and budgets.

Our solutions let you keep using MS Office and other applications. For Windows-based databases and software packages, we can host them in a secure cloud with browser or thin-client access. If you want or need them on-premise, we can secure and protect your systems and data.