Cloud computing empowers startups and other growing businesses with enterprise-grade solutions at affordable monthly fees. Our incubator services aim to serve the startup community with services for:

  • Incubators and co-working spaces
  • Resident companies and individuals
  • Startups
  • Skunk-works teams

What You Want

Startups, even those in tech, want and need IT solutions for business and back-office operations that scale up and down with their needs while not breaking the bank.

Our CumuluSuite solutions give you:

  • Branded email that reinforces your brand identity and your service quality
  • Personal and shared calendars, with scheduling
  • Secure access from any smart phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Easy-to-use file and document sharing
  • Secure file storage for forms, documents, and manuals
  • Cloud servers and storage
  • Protection from malware and viruses across all of your devices
  • Free voice and video conferencing for team meetings
  • Unlimited support for you and your team

Fits Your Business

We offer services and solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Shared Documents and Folders

  • Enable real-time and managed collaboration across your internal and project teams.  Increase the speed of information flow and accelerate your time to market.


  • Create secure sites for sharing documents, calendars, and information. Use online forms to gather information and collect feedback.

Audio and Video Conferencing

  • Chromebox for Meetings and Hangouts give you affordable audio and video conferencing ideal for company, investor, and project team meetings

DLP Solutions

  • Data loss prevention solutions help record and protect your intellectual property.

Compliance Solutions

  • Encryption and privacy solutions to ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Flexibility and Services

With Google Apps for Work as the foundation, our CumuluSuite packages and stand-alone solutions combine to create affordable, solutions tuned to your business needs and budget.

For individual startups, we create customized solutions that scale up and down with your needs.

For incubators, co-working centers, and other startup support environments, we empower you to provide IT services and advice as part of your service package or as an flexible add-on.