Image result for new bettercloud logoBetterCloud is a comprehensive security and management platform built for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations that use Google Apps. It presents your data in easy to understand and actionable ways, empowering IT to uncover risks, correct violations, and enforce organizational policies.


flashpanel-toolsAll-In-One Toolset

Instead of purchasing point solutions–one application to standardize email signatures, one to maintain a database of shared contacts, one to enforce password security, one to generate custom reports, and several others to secure Drive sharing, Google+ usage, and third-party application access–find everything you need within FlashPanel.

flashpanel-360-viewOperational Efficiency

Save time previously wasted switching among several interfaces and trade in a handful of tools for a single, inclusive solution. FlashPanel can help your IT team become more efficient and effective by providing them with smarter controls for increased domain visibility, and ultimately, security.

flashpanel-team-valueWorld Class Customer Care

Whether new to Google Apps or weary that users will abuse product offerings such as Google+ or Sites, many organizations do not take advantage of the entire Google Apps suite. FlashPanel provides an exhaustive set of tools for securing and managing users’ activities across your domain, so you can have confidence in rolling out additional Google Apps services. To ensure you’re successful–not just with FlashPanel, but with Google Apps as a whole–we have a dedicated team available for support and training for Enterprise customers.


    • Free Edition includes the Domain Insight Center
  • PRO
    • Domain Insight Center
    • User and Directory Management
    • Fully Customizable Reporting Engine
    • Support and Success Services
    • PRO edition PLUS
    • Auditing and Discovery
    • Compliance and Data Loss Prevention

Key Features List:

flashpanel-domain-healthDomain Health & Insight Center®
Sophisticated dashboard that surfaces critical information & security risks

flashpanel-google-drive-sharing-policiesGoogle Drive Sharing Policies
Set granular sharing rules and let FlashPanel flag or auto-correct violations

flashpanel-3rd-party-apps-policyThird-Party Apps Policies
Set granular conditions to automatically approve or revoke third-party apps

flashpanel-scheduled-reportingScheduled Reporting
Build reports and schedule them to run frequently to monitor changes over time

flashpanel-user-provisioningUser Provisioning
Follow the guided workflow and never miss a step when creating a new user

flashpanel-user-profilesUser Profiles
Create rich user profiles and make edits to contact information in bulk

flashpanel-user-deprovisioningUser Deprovisioning
Follow the multi-step workflow to properly transfer assets before deleting a user

Manage group settings and memberships in bulk from an all-in-one console

flashpanel-org-unitsOrg. Units
Organize users and enable or disable Google services

Create a database of external contacts and share with users

flashpanel-access-controlsAccess Controls
Grant granular admin rights and delegate time-consuming tasks

flashpanel-google-driveGoogle Drive
Correct inappropriate sharing & set policies to automate compliance

flashpanel-google-calendarsGoogle Calendars
Manage Calendar settings so users have access to the scheduling tools they need

flashpanel-google-calendar-resourcesGoogle Calendar Resources
Create resources and monitor their utilization over time

flashpanel-google-sitesGoogle Sites
Take inventory of all Sites within your domain, and their exposure level

flashpanel-3rd-party-appsThird-Party Apps
View and take action to revoke third-party apps authenticated through your domain

Leverage the power of Google+ while minimizing potential sharing risks

flashpanel-google-apps-trainingGoogle Apps Training
Access an extensive library of Google Apps training videos for tips & tricks

flashpanel-email-delegationEmail Delegation
Gain access to users’ inboxes–logging in not required

flashpanel-email-monitoringEmail Monitoring
Monitor users’ inboxes to detect inappropriate activity

flashpanel-email-settingsEmail Settings
Simplify inbox management & standardize settings for users

flashpanel-email-signature-policiesEmail Signature Policies
Apply a custom email signature to users and ensure brand consistency

flashpanel-email-settings-policiesEmail Settings Policies
Set policies to ensure your users’ inboxes are configured properly

flashpanel-password-policiesPassword Policies
Require users to reset their passwords on a schedule and increase security

flashpanel-custom-reportingCustom Reporting
Design customized reports to gain detailed metrics about your domain

flashpanel-user-reportingUser Reporting
Access user adoption and usage through canned and customizable reports

flashpanel-groups-reportingGroups Reporting
Gain visibility into groups usage and activity

flashpanel-drive-reportingDrive Reporting
Obtain critical data on behavior in Drive to pinpoint security risks

flashpanel-audit-activity-logsAudit & Activity Logs
Maintain accountability through a detailed activity history

flashpanel-customer-successCustomer Success
Work with a dedicated team member for training and access to new features

flashpanel-customer-supportCustomer Support
Receive quick, knowledgeable support from FlashPanel experts


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