Pragmatic Security: Balancing Security Measures for Small Businesses

While on vacation recently, I did something that I did not think has been possible since July 1970. I boarded a commercial airline flight without having to go through security. No ID check. No metal detectors. The gate agent scanned the barcode on my ticket and I walked on board. The experience was, at first, […]

Best Practice – Completing Security Surveys and Questionnaires

 In our recent Security Update Series blog post, New Security Demands & Requirements for Small and Midsize Businesses, we discussed three drivers for increased business security. We noted that expectations will often be expressed in security surveys and questionnaires you are asked to complete. Providing incorrect, incomplete, or misleading answers, whether intentional or not, […]

IT Solutions: 3 You Can Live Without

With continued, rapid change and evolution of the cloud services and capabilities, we hear that we “need” many things. The reality, however, is that many of the “solutions” being hyped are not really needed. In our recent blog post, we offered three IT solutions you need. But in this blog post, we will share three […]

IT Solutions: 3 You Need

With continued, rapid change and evolution of the cloud services and capabilities, we hear that we “need” many things. The reality, however, is that many of the “solutions” being hyped are not really needed. Therefore, we will cover three IT solutions that you do need. Resilience Basic protections against malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber […]

New Security Demands & Requirements for Small and Midsize Businesses

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to change, we see an evolving trend of new security demands being placed on small and midsize businesses. In this first post in our Security Update Series, which covers the evolving cybersecurity landscape for small and midsize businesses, we take a look at the drivers behind the new security demands […]

Cumulus Global Offers Easier Public Sector Cloud Purchasing

Cumulus Global Offers Easier Public Sector Cloud Purchasing Participation in multiple, national, cooperative purchase programs to save schools and local governments time and money.   Cumulus Global proudly announces that schools and local governments can now purchase Google Workspace, other cloud services, and related professional services via one of four national cooperative purchasing programs. By […]

Ensuring Hybrid Work Actually Works

For most of us and our businesses, hybrid work from home jobs are here to stay.  In reality, it has almost always been with us.  Salespersons, field technicians, and other out-of-office customer-facing roles have been a part of many businesses for decades.  The mix, however, of who works outside the office has changed.  And while […]

Cumulus Global Awarded 2024 Google Premier Partner Status

Cumulus Global Awarded 2024 Premier Partner Status for Google Workspace Google recognizes Cumulus Global for expert service delivery and growth.   Cumulus Global is proud to share that Google has recognized the company as a Google Premier Partner for Google Workspace.  The award reflects Cumulus Global’s ability to consistently provide high-quality service to its customers […]

Leadership Thoughts: Noteworthy Blog Posts – Jan ’24

As small business owners and leaders, you carry the responsibility for the direction and success of your business.  And while Cumulus Global provide managed cloud services that help you thrive and grow, we understand your responsibilities are broader than just IT. As a way to share some leadership thoughts, here is a curated list of […]

Update: Cumulus Global Grows its Sustainability with Evertreen Reforestation Initiative

Cumulus Global Partners with Evertreen to Offset CO2 with Reforestation Projects  Updated January 8, 2024 — Cumulus Global is expanding its sustainability efforts and its partnership with Evertreen, increasing monthly plantings to 100 trees.  Planting forests in Honduras, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and the Philippines, will improve both the ecology and economies in areas near the […]

3 Google Changes Happening Now

As we enter 2024, Google is making changes to further improve the email and Google Workspace user experience.  Google has three initiatives to further prevent spam, reduce cyber attacks, and expand the capabilities of Google Workspace users. Each of these three efforts can impact your subscriptions and, in many cases, the fees you pay. Google […]

7 Steps to Build Your 2024 IT Strategic Plan

In our 3T@3 Series event in December, we discussed creating your 2024 IT Action Plan. During the session, we walked through a proven process for building a feasible plan for the coming year. Here is a breakdown of 7 key steps in the process Define Your Business Drivers Your first step is to assess your business drivers.  What […]

Google Upgrade Prevents SPAM and Defines Email Best Practices for 2024

Google constantly works to enhance security and reduce the prevalence of spam in Google Workspace and Gmail inboxes. AI-powered defenses successfully filter out almost 15 billion undesired emails each day. Google stops over 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware threats. Still, as spamming techniques evolve, threats to user security persist.  Google will deploy new rules […]

Manage Storage in Google Workspace and Understand Limits

Updated January 3, 2003: Clarification on length of grace periods. With the move to pooled storage across all subscriptions, Google no longer supports legacy options for additional storage for Google Workspace. As such, many individuals and businesses find themselves approaching or exceeding the pooled Google Workspace storage limit for their accounts. What Happens Next After […]

3 Secrets to Avoiding IT Problems

If you are a sole practitioner, a solopreneur, or the owner of smaller businesses, you face unique technology challenges. You, and businesses like yours, are uniquely dependent on your technology.  Your computer and phone are critical tools without which your business can screech to a halt.  Avoiding IT problems is critical. And yet, you do […]

The #1 Security Solution that Costs You Nothing: Multi-Factor Authentication

We have all seen and heard the warnings about the ever increasing number of cyber attacks against small business.  More than crypto-ware, small and midsize businesses are targets of other forms for ransomware, impersonation, crypto-mining, and business email compromise attacks. The threats are real, as are the operational and financial risks to your business. Multi-Factor […]

Cumulus Global Named to Inc.’s Second Annual Power Partner Awards

Power Partner Award highlights B2B partners that support startups across all business functions and empower growth Westborough, MA – Cumulus Global is pleased to share that Inc. Business Media announced the second consecutive inclusion of Cumulus Global in the Power Partner Awards.  The Inc. Power Partner Awards honor B2B organizations across the globe with proven […]

Upgrade Coming to Spaces in Google Chat: From Conversation Topics to in-line Threading

A Google Chat upgrade is rolling out as of September 30, 2023. Google will be upgrading the format of all spaces organized by conversation topic to in-line threaded spaces in batches. The changes take place over the course of several months. Upgrades for each space may take a few minutes to complete. In some cases, […]

AI and Privacy Issues: Data Leaks and Breaches

We recently posted about the AI warning we received from a partner about the use of AI tools and protecting their confidential information. Beyond the specifics of the warning, we quickly saw a much broader context. Using AI tools, if not managed carefully, will result in unauthorized data disclosures, breaches, or leaks. These disclosures may […]

Cumulus Global Grows its Sustainability with Evertreen Reforestation Initiative

Cumulus Global Partners with Evertreen to Offset CO2 with Reforestation Projects  August 10, 2023 – Westborough, MA – Cumulus Global announces a dramatic expansion of our company’s sustainability efforts. Partnering with Evertreen, Cumulus Global is supporting reforestation projects in four countries trees. Joining a reforestation program helps the company offset emissions from commuting, business travel, […]