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Our Coffee & Clouds  series is a collection of short webcasts, or “minicasts”. We focus on specific topics and are designed to fit into your morning or afternoon break, Coffee & Clouds minicasts run 15-20 minutes with time for Q&A. We post recordings of each topic as well in case you miss a session.

As a thank you gift, we will send you a gift card to Dunkin’ or Starbucks when you attend a Coffee & Clouds minicast.

Session Descriptions

The G Suite Price Increase

After 10 years of innovation, Google announced the first price increase for the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. With a cost impact of 20% to 44%, we want you to understand the increase and your options.

In this Coffee & Clouds mini-cast, our CEO Allen Falcon will discuss the increase, its impact on your pricing, and available incentives and discounts that can mitigate the impact. Allen will also discuss evaluating your current IT and cloud services and planning your best move forward.

As always, we leave time for Q&A and we will send you a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

Getting More from G Suite

For most small and midsize businesses (SMB’s), G Suite delivers efficient and secure email and calendars. While many businesses use Drive for file sharing, the vast majority of SMB’s under-utilize the features and capabilities of G Suite.

G Suite can help you improve productivity and business results.

In this Coffee & Clouds minicast, we look briefly at how most businesses use G Suite.  We then explore G Suite’s broader capabilities and demonstrate ways in which way you and your team can better use G Suite on a daily basis. We will also discuss new security and privacy capabilities, and how they can help your business.

Join us if you want to more business value from your G Suite subscription, of if you are considering a G Suite solution. We include plenty of time for Q&A and will send you a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

WiFi Challenges and Solutions

With the shift to cloud computing, the proliferation of connected devices, and the changing user landscape, schools and businesses face challenges keeping WiFi performing well and reliable.

In this Coffee & Clouds live minicast, we look at these WiFi challenges and explore solutions the focus on the client experience. We will:

  • Look at 5 things your vendor AP manager is not telling you about your network
  • Discuss how these factors and others impact performance and reliability.
  • Demo the Wyebot Wireless Intelligence Platform
  • Show you how you can monitor and manage your WiFi networks for 90% less than today.
  • Answer your questions

Join us as we look at how you can improve your WiFi service and value. We include plenty of time for Q&A and will send you a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

Identity, the Dark Web, and Your Business

Your employees are using their business email address to log into other services. While employees typically use their work email as a login for work related accounts and services, they may be using their work email to access personal apps and services. These accounts span social media platforms, productivity apps, data sharing services, and other tools.

Even if these services are work-related, your employees are putting your business at risk.

Studies show that between 40% and 70% of employees use identical or similar passwords for multiple logins. Breaches, such as those from Dropbox and Uber, expose your employee’s identities.

In this Coffee & Clouds minicast, we look at the scope of identity theft and advanced threats to your business. In addition to discussing methods for protecting your company, we will take a look at how identities are brokered on the Dark Web and how monitoring your domain for breached identities can protect your business.

Join us as we explore risks and solutions. We include plenty of time for Q&A and will send you a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

The Office 365 You Don’t Know

Office 365 is much more than “Office running in the cloud”. Office 365 is a robust suite of integrated communication, collaboration and business tools.

In this Coffee & Clouds minicast, we will discuss and demo several tools and apps in Office 365 that you have not seen in your desktop Office suite.

In appreciation of your time, we will send you a Starbucks or  Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

G Suite or Office 365?

A recent survey by cloud security firm BetterCloud found that by 2020, almost 50% of small and midsize businesses will run their business 100% “in the cloud”, up from 15% in 2016. Moving to the cloud makes sense for most small businesses and communications, collaboration, and productivity tools are the logical first step.

But should you choose G Suite (Google Apps) or Microsoft Office 365?

In this Coffee & Clouds session, we look at how to evaluate if G Suite or Office 365 will best meet your business needs. In this session, we explore how your employees, line of business systems, mobility needs, security and privacy requirements, and operating practices will guide your decision.

CRM That Makes Sense

For small and midsize businesses, deploying a Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, system can bring a revolutionary improvement in sales process and service efficiency. Or, it can be a series of endless expenditures with little or no benefit. Some solutions, like Salesforce, need costly programming and third party add-ons to be functional. Others are too cumbersome and sit idle while salespeople track their activities outside the system.

There are better alternatives!  

In this webcast, we introduce Prosperworks, an intuitive CRM solution for small and midsize businesses. Prosperworks solves the biggest CRM challenges for SMBs: Ease of use; Minimal data entry; Flexible automation, and Affordability.

Join us as we look at how you can deploy a CRM system that helps your sales team get more done and close more business. As always, we include plenty of time for Q&A.

In appreciation of your time, we will send you a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Gift Card for joining us.

Think Beyond Email!

For most small and midsize businesses (SMBs), entry into the cloud begins with email. You can, however, benefit from looking beyond email to the productivity and collaboration of the G Suite (Google Apps) and Office 365 suites. Both solutions enable your business and empower your team to do more and do better.

In this Coffee & Clouds session, we look at key differentiating features of G Suite and Office 365 beyond email, calendars, and contacts. The objective of this session is to offer a view of what’s possible G Suite and Office 365 to assist in determining when and why you will make your move to the cloud.

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