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Avoid paying for overcapacity or struggling with resource limitations. Learn more by visiting the link in our bio. 

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Visit the link in our bio to check out all of our resources. 

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Before deploying cloud applications, it is critical to first consider your business requirements through a thorough cloud computing planning and strategy phase. See the link in our bio for more information. 

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You can now access and convert PDFs into editable Word documents directly on your iPhone and iPad. Click the link in our bio to read the latest Microsoft Cloud Monday Bulletin for this and more. 

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Join us for our July 3T@3 Series online event and learn about 7 IT Blind Spots you should know and check. Click the link in our bio to sign up now. 

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We respond to the situation at hand and work to prevent future issues. Go to the link in our bio to learn more. 

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Faced with budget constraints, and uncertain of the choices before them, small businesses often focus on price. More specifically, they look for the lowest-priced technology and services that they believe will meet their needs. Price-first decisions can lead to significantly greater costs over time. Click the link in our bio to read our recent article and learn what to focus on and what to avoid. 

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Visit the link in our bio to learn about the 7 IT blind spots we see the most. 

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  • Cumulus Global Offers Easier Public Sector Cloud Purchasing Participation in multiple, national, cooperative purchase programs to save schools and local governments time and money.   Cumulus Global proudly announces that schools and local governments can now purchase Google Workspace, other cloud services, and related professional services via one of four national cooperative purchasing programs. By […]

  • Cumulus Global Awarded 2024 Premier Partner Status for Google Workspace Google recognizes Cumulus Global for expert service delivery and growth.   Cumulus Global is proud to share that Google has recognized the company as a Google Premier Partner for Google Workspace.  The award reflects Cumulus Global’s ability to consistently provide high-quality service to its customers […]

  • Cumulus Global Partners with Evertreen to Offset CO2 with Reforestation Projects  Updated January 8, 2024 — Cumulus Global is expanding its sustainability efforts and its partnership with Evertreen, increasing monthly plantings to 100 trees.  Planting forests in Honduras, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and the Philippines, will improve both the ecology and economies in areas near the […]

  • Power Partner Award highlights B2B partners that support startups across all business functions and empower growth Westborough, MA – Cumulus Global is pleased to share that Inc. Business Media announced the second consecutive inclusion of Cumulus Global in the Power Partner Awards.  The Inc. Power Partner Awards honor B2B organizations across the globe with proven […]

  • Cumulus Global Partners with Evertreen to Offset CO2 with Reforestation Projects  August 10, 2023 – Westborough, MA – Cumulus Global announces a dramatic expansion of our company’s sustainability efforts. Partnering with Evertreen, Cumulus Global is supporting reforestation projects in four countries trees. Joining a reforestation program helps the company offset emissions from commuting, business travel, […]