Google Workspace Wednesday

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Google Workspace Wednesday


Recent Issues

Issue #19 / 04-Oct-23 — New Gmail Inbox Protections / New Calendar Scheduling Features / Whiteboarding in Workspace / Building Blocks in Docs / Increased Resolution in Meet

Issue #18 / 27-Sept-23 — New Space Manager Capabilities in Chat / Email Templates in Groups / Monitoring Meet Hardware Issues / Foster Creativity with Generative AI / Q&A Features in Meet

Issue #17 / 20-Sept-23 — Pair Video Tiles in Meet / Third-Party Extensions for Duet AI / Live Pointers in Slides / Differentiate Messages Better in Chat / Pageless Formatting in Docs

Issue #16 / 13-Sept-23 — More Google Meet Features / Lock Files More Easily in Drive / Increase Row Limits in BigQuery Connected Sheets / More Dual Display Support in Meets

Issue #15 / 06-Sept-23 — Upgrade Coming to Spaces in Google Chat / Create Images from Text in Slides / Edit client-encrypted Excel files in Sheets

Issue #14 / 30-Aug-23 — Workday App for Chat / Slide Notes when Presenting in Meet / Expanding Google AI / See Outlook Users in Calendar / 5 Ways to Work with Duet AI

Issue #13 / 23-Aug-23 — Google Voice Ring Groups / Conflict Accounts Tool / Calendar API Updates

Issue #12 / 16-Aug-23 — Annotate Google Slides / Protecting Workspace Data in the AI era / eSignature for Docs and Drive / Gmail translations for mobile devices

Issue #11 / 09-Aug-23 — AppSheets coming to Most Workspace Licenses / Q&A Moderation in Meet / Sharable Lessons in Classroom / Create Meeting Notes in Docs

Issue #10 / 02-AUG-23 — Workspace Developers Update / Generative AI / In-Line Replies in Google Chat / Collaborations in Canvas come to Google Assignments