Boost eLearning provides step-by-step training on how to effectively use Google Apps, helping companies and users gain more value from your Google Apps implementation.

Google Apps Training

Google Apps Training  provides enterprise quality employee training and performance support that effectively develops the skills to use the full functionality of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites. The solution includes the Admin Assistant & Power User course, as well as an end user Google Apps Resource site template, or view a sample Google Apps Resource site. Google Apps Training is continually updated to stay “Version Now.”

Added Features

Google Apps Training also includes the following features and benefits:

  • Search bar- included in Google Apps Training and able to be placed on any website.
  • Reporting- Google Apps Training Admins can effectively run reports on the entire organization, or just one user.
  • Hosting- as an additional service, add your training content to the Google Apps Training platform.

Version Now

We will update all IT Admins with an active subscription of Google Apps Training from Boost eLearning, training decision makers, and Boost eLearning Authorized Partners, of the changes that have occurred in Google Apps and how those changes are reflected in Google Apps Training from Boost eLearning. Significant developments will be updated in the lessons. Minor improvements will be included in the “Tips for Gmail/Calendar/Docs/Sites” located in the Tools section of the course.


The eGuide is an application that was born by merging excellent instructor notes with the power of cloud computing. This application can be used to create a custom instructor notes by selecting specific courses, skills, and assign a duration for each skill, then presenting with the aid of a clock that will keep you on track for the presentation. The Boost eLearning eGuide is a must have for every instructor providing instructor led interactive training sessions.

True Blended Learning

The eGuide content mirrors the content of Boost eLearning Google Apps Training, so the instructor of the webinar and the eLearning used for on going support have identical language and consistency of instructional design. eGuide sessions, by default, direct the instructor to introduce the content of Boost eLearning Google Apps Training, so the training participants know that they have access to anytime, anywhere instruction.

Version Now

The eGuide is updated as Google Apps develops, so you are always getting the most up to date version.

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