Sharing contacts should be more than a global address book under the exclusive control of an administrator. Let users share contacts in groups or across the entire organization, using the same screens and tools they use to manage their personal contacts. Easy. Seamless. Efficient.

  • Share contacts by simply adding them to a shared group right in GMail
  • Search and edit shared contacts exactly in the same way as your personal contacts!
  • Hassle-free background synchronization

Sync Across Devices

  • Supports all Google Sync tools
  • Native sync with Android phones & tablets
  • Syncs with Outlook

Fine-Grained Permission Control

  • Assign permissions for each subscriber of a shared group
  • Read-only, Edit-only and Full Access available
  • Best data protection for Enterprise Edition customers
  • Host our application in your own private cloud

Enterprise Edition Features

  • Running in your dedicated private cloud
  • Enterprise-grade data protection
  • Manual software updates
  • Syncs every five minutes
  • Hosted securely on Google Apps Engine (additional fees starting at $9 per month apply)

Enterprise Edition Options (chart)

  • Small:  10 users, up to 3 address books, 500 shared contacts
  • Medium:  50 users, up to 10 address books, 3000 shared contacts
  • Large: 250 users, unlimited address books and contacts
  • XXL:  Unlimited users, address books, and contacts