In partnership with Privacy Ref, we help you manage privacy risk by improving your organizational practices. We emphasize alignment of privacy practices with your goals and operations. Our assessment services identify your starting point — your risks and compliance status.

Privacy Ref

Rapid Privacy Program Assessment

As the leader responsible for your organization’s privacy compliance, an assessment provides an understanding as to where your privacy program stands today. The Privacy Ref Rapid Privacy Program Assessment™ can take a single week to complete unlike many alternative approaches that can take months and may interfere with your other projects.

The Rapid Privacy Program Assessment will deliver a complete, prioritized list of actionable items found during this process. Included in this offer is ten hours of consulting services.

Policy Review

Privacy and appropriate user policies are more critical than ever, as regulatory requirements and business relationships demand greater emphasis on protecting data.

Our consultants and subject matter experts will review your current privacy and appropriate use policies in context with regulatory requirements, protective technologies, and your business operations. With recommended updates and changes, our consultants will also provide the employee acknowledgement form needed to track awareness and establish accountability.

Data Inventory

Data is a company’s most valuable resource. Performing a Data Inventory provides understanding of how data is utilized, allowing for a stronger privacy program and business overall. Our consultants will analyze where data is coming from, how it is used, what laws apply to this data and whether you are complying with those laws.

Custom Policy Development

Whether you lack sufficient policies and procedures, or it is time for a major review and update, our experts will assess your business, technology, and existing policies and procedures and will rewrite or create current privacy and appropriate use policies.

As a custom consulting engagement, we help ensure that your people, processes, and protective technologies are in sync, meeting regulatory and your business requirements.