On-premise or in the cloud, you understand that data privacy and security is critical to your business. We offer a range of services to meet compliance, regulatory, and internal business requirements.

Compliance and Security for Google Apps

  • Email archiving and ediscovery
  • Backup/recovery for Google Apps data
  • Rules-based, content-specific permissions monitoring and management for documents in Drive
  • Permissions monitoring and management for Google Apps-connected third party applications

Email Encryption

  • Message-level encryption designed for HIPAA, S/OX, PCI, and PII compliance
  • Secure portal and custom-branded portal delivery options
  • No minimum user count

Endpoint and User Protection

  • Malware protection for desktops/laptops — MACs and PCs
  • Malware protection and mobile device management for Android and iOS devices
  • Minimal footprint client and a cloud-based profile database for virus/malware/pattern matching
  • Real-time behavior analysis
  • File / activity rollback
  • Centralized management console

Cloud / Off-Site Backup

  • Content backup for Google Apps data
  • Off-Site backup for on-premise file, database, and email servers
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Flexible retention management
  • Efficient data transfer via block-wise incremental backups, de-duplication, and compression services

Continuity / Virtual DR

  • Return to Operation (RTO) times as low as 4 hours
  • Bare metal backup for quick system restore
  • Warm stand-bye servers
  • Intra-data center data restores






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