In partnership with Privacy Ref, we help you manage privacy risk by improving your organizational practices. We emphasize alignment of privacy practices with your goals and operations through assessment, consulting, coaching, and training services.

Privacy Ref



As laws surrounding data privacy are created and evolve to the change landscape of the global market, you need to know where your privacy program stands. We can provide you with the tools to assess your current situation and prepare you for what comes next. We find where you program is working and where it needs to adjust to comply with all relevant regulations.

Rapid Privacy Program Assessment

As the leader responsible for your organization’s privacy compliance, an assessment provides an understanding as to where your privacy program stands today. We can complete a rapid assessment in about a week.

Data Inventory

Data is a company’s most valuable resource. We analyze where data is coming from, how it is used, what laws apply to this data, and whether you are complying with those laws.


We provide on-site training for organizations both large and small.  We can help your current team to stay up to date on the most current policies and best practices, keeping your privacy program at its best.  It is important to note that having a well trained staff reduces the chances of breaches due to internal error drastically.

Customizable Privacy Training

With a strong core designed to teach the foundational privacy concepts, giving your team a strong base of knowledge, we adapt our courses to include the industry and regulatory knowledge your organization requires.

Executive Training and Awareness

Your executive team is responsible for large swaths of your business. We deliver the specific knowledge and understanding for your executives’ roles and responsibilities.



Our experts help you and your team with the development of new and existing policies.

On-Demand Privacy Services

You have access to experienced, IAPP-certified subject matter expertise when you need it. Our team supplements your current privacy program with just-in-time information, resources, expertise, and analysis.

Adaptive Privacy Office

Developing a privacy program requires time and resources, and can be even more costly without privacy experience. We provide full privacy support for your organization, including an annual program, policy, and notice assessment.