In partnership with Privacy Ref, we help you manage privacy risk by improving your organizational practices. We emphasize alignment of privacy practices with your goals and operations through assessment, consulting, coaching, and training services.

Privacy Ref

Privacy Education Program

Our Privacy Education Program provides your employees with the awareness, information, and training they need to understand and avoid data privacy attacks and breaches. More than helping your team understand the risks, we discuss how their behaviors can prevent or enable attacks and breaches that could cripple your business.

The Privacy Education Program includes:

  • Annual web-based training sessions:
    • Covering trends, risks, and behaviors
    • Tied to company policies and procedures
    • Recordings provided for future viewing and use
  • Three period awareness bulletins
    • Identify new and emerging risks
    • Reinforce positive behaviors
    • Reinforce policies, procedures, and expectations

Executive Training & Awareness

Your executive team is responsible for large swaths of your business. Whether it is the financials, marketing, IT, or operations, privacy still affects them all. Our consultants can deliver the knowledge and understanding your executives need. Aligning privacy and your business’s other functions ensures an environment where privacy is second nature, protecting customer and employee data.

Custom Training

With a strong core designed to teach the foundational privacy concepts, giving your team a strong base of knowledge, we customize each course with the industry and regulatory knowledge your organization requires. Whether you are a small retailer with PCI requirements, an employer dealing with HIPAA compliance requirements, or a need to enforce and maintain internal privacy policies, we provide the subject matter expertise needed.