The power of Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365, harnessed for real business solutions and value.

Our CumluSuite packages scale to meet the communication, collaboration, and data privacy and security that your business needs.

Google Apps  or Office 365 serves as the communications, collaborations, and file service platform. Integrated applications and services provide the data management, privacy, security, and compliance services you want and need.

Cumulus Global delivers the services — from planning, deployment and migration, to change management, training and support — that ensure a successful entry into the cloud.

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CumuluSuite Collaborate

Our CumuluSuite Collaborate package is a smart entry point for businesses looking for better email, calendaring, and communications while keeping the existing file servers and MS Office. Choose Google Apps for Work or MS Office 365 for your platform.  Cumulus Global provides the expertise and ongoing support.

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CumuluSuite Share

Our CumuluSuite Share package creates a peer-to-peer file service that protects your business data from error and loss. For smaller businesses, it serves well as a cloud-based primary file service.  It also is a great secondary file service for businesses that need some information to be more accessible than on internal servers.

CumluSuite Share includes all of the services of our Collaboration package, plus comprehensive backup/restore protection for all of your data in the cloud.

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CumuluSuite Office

Our basic business solution, CumuluSuite Office gives you a robust peer-to-peer file service that can replace on-premise file servers for many businesses.

In addition to all of the capabilities in the Collaboration bundle, CumluSuite Office integrates advanced data services. Active permissions monitoring and management, along with backup/recovery, means we protect your data from privacy breaches as well as damage and loss.

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CumuluSuite Office:MFS

For organizations looking for a centralized file service that looks and feels more like a traditional on-premise server, our CumuluSuite Office:MFS package gives you the managed file service you want or need. With all of the features of our Collaboration and Office bundles, CumuluSuite Office:MFS gives you central ownership and control of your storage and permissions.

CumuluSuite Office:MFS includes a central file service account in addition to each user account. Like most local area networks, each user has personal space and access to the shared files and folders.

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Package Extensions

CumuluSuite Compliance

Many businesses face regulatory or legal requirements for data privacy and protection. From HIPAA and PCI to SEC and FINRA, our Integrated Compliance upgrade adds the appropriate data privacy and protection services to each of our CumuluSuite packages.

Integrated Compliance upgrades vary based on your specific needs and your existing Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, or CumuluSuite configuration.

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Custom Solutions

While our CumuluSuite packages meet the needs of most small and mid-size businesses, some businesses have unique requirements and/or priorities that do not fit into a preset mold.

If this sounds like your organization, let us custom-design and build a solution specific to you.

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CumuluSuite NZF

For many businesses, moving your email, file, and print services to the cloud leaves only few applications running on your in-house network. If you also use cloud-based CRM, email marketing, ERP, and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, the number of legacy applicants will be even less.

Our Near-Zero Footprint (“NZF”) solutions let you move your remaining to a cloud-hosted environment, eliminating the need for your remaining on-premise servers and enabling lower cost options for end user devices.

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Options and Upgrades

Unlimited Storage for the Google Apps Platform

For a nominal per-user annual fee, we use Google Apps Unlimited to upgrade your CumuluSuite environment. You get:

  • Unlimited storage for all users on Google Drive
  • Vault for compliance, archive, and discovery
  • Enhanced reporting and programming interfaces

Advanced Management Tools

For our mid-size and larger customers, we recommend adding advanced management tools. These tools simplify many admin functions, enable bulk operations, provide enhanced reporting, monitor utilization and access, and automate user provisioning and de-provisioning processes.

These tools give you more knowledge and control over your  Google Apps or Office 365 based ecosystem.

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