Google Postini Service Update: 10/14 11:45 AM ET

The following is the latest status report regarding the Google Postini Service problems, as of 4:45 AM ET this morning:
“We experienced an issue that caused significant delays to inbound mail delivery for users on System 7. Postini Engineering and Operations have resolved the issue, and mail delivery rates have returned to normal. Engineering and Operations continue to closely monitor the situation.

During this incident, incoming messages may have been deferred; no messages were bounced or deleted.

Some sending mail servers may have returned a “failed delivery” notification after four hours, but continued to try to resend deferred messages (up to five days for a typical configuration). Outbound mail delivery and filtering performed as normal during this time.

We sincerely apologize for the impact to your organization and users. We will post an incident report, which includes the root cause analysis and corrective and preventative actions, within the next 48 business hours. Also, if you filed a support case, we will include the incident report in the case response.”
Horizon expects that some users may continue to receive delivery of emails that were deferred, or that were resent by protocol from the sender, throughout the day.

As your reseller, we have access to the portal and will post the incident report when it is available. Please contact support if you have questions or concerns.