3T@3 for Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020@ 3:00 PM EST

Many of us have seen the beneficial impact of cloud-based services for our small and midsize businesses and organizations. Starting with email and expanding into broader communication and collaboration, we have seen how direct, secure access to information and features improves workflows and efficiencies and empowers our teams to succeed at their jobs. And yet, for many, the move away from on-premise file servers and locally running applications is not complete. Moving these services to the cloud improves security and access, further empowers your team, and enables your business to survive, thrive, and grow.

Now is the time to explore Lift and Shift as your Next Move in the Cloud.

In this month’s Third Tuesday at 3:00 (3T@3) Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon explores how a Lift and Shift strategy means that you do not need to reengineer and replace your applications and systems. Allen defines the lift and shift process and covers user access, security, operations, and cost. He also illustrates how Lift and Shift can provide on-site and remote workers equal access to business applications and information.

Please join us for this informative and thought provoking presentation.

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