Google Updates Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Following the release of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, a number of issues were identified by the user community related to the installation and some of the settings. Last week, Google pushed out an update with the following fixes and improvements. You can choose between native Outlook Search and Windows Desktop Search; Windows Desktop […]

MV=P2 The Law of Meeting Coordination

How may attendees does it take to schedule a meeting? While it sounds like the lead-in to a good punchline, the reality is that most organizations thrash when it comes to arranging meetings. James Gaskin, in his Smart Tech for Small Biz blog on, may be the first to quantify the problem with The […]

Better Offline Email Access

While Google Apps Premier Edition users can integrate and access email for free on iPhone and Android devices, users may also use the Google Mobile App. Should you be without Internet connections (cell or WiFi), you now have better tools for offline email access. As part of an update to Google’s mobile client app, Gmail […]

Google Apps vs Exchange Part 3: Outlook Sync Compatibility

By now, you have heard about Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. You may also hear rumblings about less than 100% compatibility. Yes, there are limitations. That said, the ability to use Outlook with Google Apps Premier Edition is an easy, powerful way to help companies transition from Exchange services (in-house or hosted) to Google […]

New Fields for Gmail and Contacts

Last week, Google added new fields for the stand-along Contacts application and included the fields in Gmail as well. As part of the update, synchronization with Outlook and other email clients and data imports/exports work more smoothly. Learn more here …

Google Increases Max Gmail Message Size

Over the weekend, Google increased the maximum size of Gmail messages with attachments to 25MB. (click here to learn more) This means that you can attach files of 22-25MB to your message, provided the total size of the message does not exceed 25MB. The challenge, of course, is will the recipient’s email system let the […]

Google Presentation: New Shapes and Text Box Features

Google has added a few handy features to Google Presentations that will make us PowerPoint users happy: Multi-shape formatting allows you select multiple shapes and/or text boxes, and format them all at once Manipulation of text boxes now includes auto-growth and vertical alignment Click here to learn more

Cloud Computing for SMBs is not Just About Google and CRM

The range of cloud-based solutions for small- and mid-size businesses continues to grow. One example is WorkingPoint, a cloud-based business management system that includes invoicing, expenses, bookkeeping, contact management, and other features backed by a double-entry accounting system. Designed for small businesses, WorkingPoint runs over Amazon’s cloud. The first user is free, with additional users […]

Can Unite Create Collaboration?

The team at Opera Software, makers of the Opera browser, released Opera Unite. Unite is a browser-based web-server that allows individuals to share files, host web sites, post notes, share photos, and remotely access music and videos. The concept and potential for collaborative communications is great. The reality, however, may not live up to the […]

Answers You Need about Online Backup Services

The recent agreement for HP to provide a free trial of Norton’s Symantec Backup on new consumer PCs demonstrates the growing acceptance of online backup solutions. When looking at online backup, please remember the following. Backup is Easy; Recovery is the Challenge If you keep this in mind, the focus of your comparison shifts from […]

Google Fusion Tables: Databases in The Cloud

On June 9th, Google quietly announced the Beta availability of Google Fusion Tables. This “Labs” application provides the ability to query multiple databases and data sources, including social media, rss, and other live feeds. While an early labs release, Google Fusion Tables is a clear indication that Google hears its customers’ desire for better data […]

Zipcar Becomes a SaaS Provider?

You may know Zipcar as the trendy car sharing (er, hourly rental) service. They have made headlines renting hybrids and other vehicles parked in reserved spaces in local neighborhoods. For $7 an hour an up, customers reserve vehicles via the website and open the doors using a credit card reader. The brains behind Zipcar, their […]

Expanding APIs create simple database capabilities in Google Apps

For the developers among us, Google has added two new APIs to Google Docs. Table Feeds and Record Feeds allow placement and management of tables and data in spreadsheets. With these feeds, Google demonstrates how spreadsheets can be used to manage structured data for other applications. Click here for more.

File under “Would you use this?” — Ads on Google Sites

Google Sites is a powerful component within Google Apps. As a platform for document and information sharing and collaboration, most organizations see Google Sites as a means to provide Intranets, project sites, and secure customer portals. Google Sites, however, can be made public. Some businesses (including Google) use this capability for open information portals. Taking […]

Google Apps vs Exchange In-House

Functionality, cost, and user experience all play into the decision to run Google Apps versus Exchange in-house. Our latest take … we’ve added “the user experience” as our 8th consideration. With the addition of Outlook Sync for Google Apps, users can maintain their current client and services and have access to the additional features offered […]

Mixing Google Docs and MS Office 2007

Our position regarding Google Docs — including docs, spreadsheets, presentation, and forms — is as follows: Google Docs offer great collaboration capabilities but are not mature enough to replace MS Office or Open Open office for most users The formatting and controls in Google Docs are not yet mature enough compared to MS Office features […]

Google Apps vs. Exchange – Part 2

Until yesterday, Part 2 of the comparison was going to look at some of the more esoteric feature comparison between Google Apps and Exchange. Specifically, I was going to cover how Google Apps new Tasks features integrate with email and calendar functions in comparison to isolated manner in which Tasks function in Exchange/Outlook (separate reminders, […]

5 Things to Know about Google Wave (from PC Mag)

With the industry buzzing about Google Wave (and Facebook and Twitter likely rethinking strategy), PC Magazine provides a good overview of things you should know about Google Wave as it approaches release. Read the Article Here.

Will You Catch the Google Wave?

What if some of the most create web developers decided to rethink email, IM, and Internet communications from scratch? What if they worked for a company with the resources to let them think and create for years? What is you could mix the real-time communication of Twitter and Facebook with the organization of email and […]

Google Apps vs. Exchange — Part 1

Over the past several weeks, the Horizon team has received more questions about the comparison between MS Exchange and Google Apps as a communication and collaboration platform. Here is a presentation that compares MS Exchange and Google Apps in terms of investment, management, and administration. There are also many user features in Google Apps that […]