Another OffiSync Webinar and Demo

In response to several requests, we have added another webinar to demonstrate  OffiSync  Premium on Friday 18-Dec-09 at 1:30 pm EST.

Click here to register.

Improved Sharing in Google Docs

An enhancement that makes it easier to share groups of documents with co-workers and others, you can now share entire folders in Google Docs (learn more).

This update also allows you to upload multiple files into Google Docs with one command.  Note that when you upload MS Office documents into Google Docs, the document format changes and some features and layouts may be modified for compatibility.

Add OffiSync and you can more easily work in the MS Office apps you like while using Google Apps for collaboration.   With OffiSync Premium preserves the original MS format of your documents.

Templates Enhance Usability of Google Sites

In October, Google Sites gained the ability to create page templates.  Templates can include settings and layout, as well as content you want on each page that gets created.

Combining templates and the ability to copy sites, gives users powerful abilities, particularly with respect to customer and project portals.  Once a portal has been designed, you can copy the site and build it out using templates to ensure consistent layout and content across sites and pages.

The update also includes the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds from ‘announcement’ pages, letting users track posts and conversations via your favorite RSS reader.

Click here to learn more about these features for all versions of Google Apps.