3T@3 Series: Tuesday, October 18 at 3:00 PM ET

Chances are that as a small business owner, or solopreneur, you do not have dedicated IT expertise and resources.  Business leaders like you understand the need for effective, secure, and affordable IT services. Hiring or contracting for services, however, has likely been unaffordable. 

You and your business deserve, and need, well-managed, secure, affordable IT services.

Managed Cloud Services, when properly matched to your business, provide the capabilities, security, and services you need at more affordable rates. Instead of relying on family, friends, or the IT “guru” working in a retail store, you can afford to rely on experts.

This month, our 3T@3 Series helps you Choose the Right Managed Cloud Services. We provide a guide to defining needs and selecting the right services at the right cost. This session is designed for solopreneurs and small businesses without dedicated IT resources, and those that are not happy with the service they receive. You will leave the session with a set of actionable ideas and resources.

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3T@3 Series