Friday January 8, 2021 at 11:30 AM ET

As COVID-19 and the changing business climate keeps many of us working remotely, it is increasingly important to help your team feel connected. With isolation and distancing, individuals may feel disconnected and discouraged. 

Give your team the resources, like Microsoft Teams, to stay connected and engaged.

In this Coffee & Clouds minicast, we take a quick look at how Microsoft Teams can help bring your team together. Colleagues can easily keep in touch — making up for missed informal conversations — with features line 1:1 chats and instant message groups.  Sharing features and chat windows enable everyone to participate in meetings. Collaboration is easy on Teams as multiple co-workers can work together on a single project.

Join us to see how Microsoft Teams can keep your team connected, engaged, and productive. We will have time for Q&A and the coffee is on us.

Coffee & Clouds Series

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