Getting Back to What Comes Next

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, Sept. 15th at 3:00 PM ET

This spring, and for most of the summer, we have been adapting how we run our businesses to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these changes were quick and easy to implement, but may not be the most effective or efficient way of doing things. Little inconveniences, such as extra steps to complete a task, difficulty accessing files, more complex procedures, the need for more IT support, are acceptable when temporary. As the need or preference for remote work continues, we should not let inconveniences hurt productivity or morale.

We cannot wait for things to return to the way they were before. Nor should we expect they will.

Now may be the time to step back, assess, and streamline your IT services for remote and hybrid operations.

In this month’s Third Tuesday at 3:00 (3T@3) Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon explores several factors that, in the need to quickly go remote, may be hurting productivity and morale in your organization. He will walk through an assessment process and discuss ways in which you can simplify, streamline, secure your IT services with team members working remotely and/or on site.

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Pandemics, Politics, and Planning for What’s Next

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, July 21st at 3:00 PM

Economic cycles are normal. While not within our control, we plan for, adapt to, and manage the impacts as best we can. It is not unusual for unexpected events to disrupt markets (short term impacts) and economic cycle (longer term impacts). These disruptions and their impacts on our economy, markets, and business conditions can be for better … or for worse.

As owners of small and midsize businesses, we are in the middle of the worst global pandemic in 100 years, a social justice movement the size of which we have not seen in 50 years, record unemployment, and an economic recession. We are also living with a level of societal divisiveness in which political posturing is taking form in policy decisions that can cripple many businesses.

Our decisions impact our businesses, customers, employees, and communities.

In this month’s Third Tuesday at 3:00 (3T@3) Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon explores the many factors creating challenges and how we, as leaders within our organizations, can drive adaptation to meet these challenges and achieve our goals and objectives. Exploring a range of factors, from employee health and welfare and public health guidance to recovery programs and changing immigration policies, Allen looks at how businesses can adapt, how technology can help, and how technology is only part of the solution.

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Protect with Tech

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, June 16th at 3:00 PM

The way we work changed out of necessity. Beyond the COVID-19 crises and recovery, these changes will have long term benefits for our businesses. In PwC’s fifth COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey, we see what CFOs are thinking:

  • 72% see long-term improvements in business resiliency and agility
  • 60% expect long-term benefits from recent technology investments
  • 80% see cutting facilities and capital expenditures in favor of scalable solutions as operating expenses.

We expect remote and at-home work, cloud computing, and team collaboration to be part of our business operations and technology strategies. As such, we need to ensure we protect our business, data, and people.

In June’s Third Tuesday at 3 (3T@3) Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon dives into the security, privacy, compliance challenges facing small and midsize businesses (SMBs). With limited IT staff and financial resources, Allen will focus on practical, affordable solutions to address a range of issues, including:

  • Prevention and response to increased cyber attacks
  • Legal and industry regulatory compliance
  • Company policy enforcement
  • HR and labor regulation and policy compliance
  • Staff management, monitoring, and oversight

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COVID-19 Response & Recovery

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, May 19th at 3:00 PM

As we learn more about how our economy will restart, we need to prepare our businesses and adapt to what comes next. The need to prevent future outbreaks means not all of our teams will be returning to our offices … at least not immediately … and we will continue to face new and unpredictable obstacles.

A comprehensive Recovery Road Map will help ensure your business’ survival.

In this 3T@3 Webcast session, our CEO Allen Falcon will discuss and assess:

  • Current changes to the business climate
  • Ways in which we can help our businesses survive and thrive
  • Targeted cloud solutions that can help you achieve your business goals
  • Drafting your Recovery Road Map

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Succeeding in our “Now” Normal

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, April 21st at 3:00 PM

This month’s 3T@3 Webcast is different. By the 21st of April, many of us will have been operating under “stay at home” or similar conditions for 3 to 5 weeks. This is not our “new” normal, since it will end at sometime in the future. It is, however, our “now” normal.

So, instead of a set topic, we ask you to let us know your near-term and long-term challenges and goals … as they stand now. We will present the data, share issues, and discuss solutions.

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