Using VDI to Improve Hybrid Work

(02/27/24) – Supporting hybrid workers comes with additional security, BYOD, access, performance, and budget challenges. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) & remote desktop services improve security, access, and performance without damaging your budget.

Select Your Managed Cloud Services

(01/16/24) – The right managed cloud services can significantly impact your team’s productivity. You can ensure your systems are secure, you team is productive, and that you are protected against cyber attacks and other disruptions. Just as important, you can protect your budget.

Your 2024 IT Action Plan

(12/19/2023) – When planning for the upcoming year, we often forget to consider the role our technology and services can play in supporting our business goals and objectives. Align your IT plans to best support your business goals.

SaaSOps: What, Why, How

(11/21/2023) – Even small and midsize businesses like yours are using multiple cloud and IT services. More than Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, your cloud portfolio likely includes applications and services for accounting, customer relationship management, marketing, and security. Automating common admin and management tasks saves time and money, and improves security.

Choose the Right Managed Cloud Services

(10/17/2023) – Business leaders like you understand the need for effective, secure, and affordable IT services. Hiring or contracting for services has likely been unaffordable. Managed Cloud Services, when properly matched to your business, provide the capabilities, security, and services you need at affordable rates. Hear from experts about defining needs and selecting the right services, technologies, and partners.

Deep Dive: Lift-and-Shift and DaaS

(07/18/2023) – As SMBs, we still have on-premise file and application servers that require upgrades, security, backup, monitoring, management, and support. Evaluating your on-premise IT, and moving what you can to the cloud, increases the business value of your IT spending and investments.

Five Things Your IT Provider Should be Telling You

(06/20/2023) – We tend to wait for our IT service providers to raise warning flags, and the periodic review with our IT provider can feel like a subtle sales call. Reacting to IT problems is not enough, and adding more IT services may not be the answer.

The High Cost of Low Adoption

(05/23/2023) – Beyond core features in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, cloud adoption tends to be fairly low. Better cloud adoption improves productivity, communication, and security. And, it can save you money.

Cloud Cover: Strategies for Small Businesses

(04/18/2023) – As small businesses, we can do more with the cloud then Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. But if we want to take advantage of the benefits of managed cloud services, we need better cloud strategies.

Cyber Security: 3 Questions and Shared Responsibility

(03/21/2023) – The cloud’s Shared Responsibility Model places most of the security and data protection burden on you. Our webcast explores 3 key questions and the shared responsibility model to help you plan, deploy, and manage effective, and cost-effective, security..