Lower the Price of Productivity

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 3:00 PM ET

Our IT solutions serve a purpose: to help us operate our businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible.  To that end, we often deploy new apps and tools, adding to our technology suite. We are less likely to step back and reassess.  The result: we end up paying for redundant services.

Reviewing and streamlining IT services supports productivity at a lower price.

In our November 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon discusses several areas and services often duplicated within companies’ IT services.  As part of the discussion, he will identify potential savings without sacrificing capability or efficacy.

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3T@3 Webcast Recordings

Cloud Cover – Manage IT All

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:00 PM ET

You can Manage IT All.  With all the benefits of cloud computing, our IT services seem more complex.  In reality, the complexity has shifted from locked computer rooms to the collection of apps we use on a daily basis.  For many small businesses, traditional IT support services do not meet current technology and business needs.

The right IT management and services add value and save money.

In our September 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon discusses how you can Manage IT All by exploring IT management strategies for small and midsize businesses. Allen will focus on improving the value-add to your business by rethinking and adjusting your IT service model.  Managed cloud services can better match current and evolving business needs and priorities.

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Hybrid Workplace

Cloud Cover – Hybrid Work

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, August 18 at 3:00 PM ET

Economic, market, business, and social changes are driving shifts in the way we work and the way we run our businesses. We, as a society, have learned that in most instances we can work productively and collaborate regardless of our physical location. Reclaimed commuting time, work-life balance, and refreshed personal priorities change employee perspectives on their work environment. Successful businesses will adapt to changing expectations.

You can, affordably, adapt your IT to hybrid work while improving security and resilience.

In our August 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon discusses IT strategies and solutions to help you adjust your IT services to better support hybrid work. Specifically, Allen will dive into virtual desktop services as a way to provide seamless services for on-premise and remote workers.

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Hybrid Workplace

Get IT Ready for Recession

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, July 19 at 3:00 PM ET

Economic uncertainty — a potential recession — makes it difficult to plan and, sometimes, to act. Do you proceed with planned investments? Will cutting costs help or hurt your business? For many small and midsize business owners, freezing or reducing IT spending is a quick way to help the bottom line in the short term. If not part of a broader plan, this strategy can do more harm than good.

Smart IT planning helps your business survive and thrive through a recession and beyond.

In our July 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon discusses IT strategy and tactics designed to help you through an economic downturn without limiting your growth. In addition to presenting actionable ideas, he will discuss the near-term and longer term pros and cons of each concept.

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A Cyber Insurance Primer

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, June 21 at 3:00 PM ET

With the increase in cyber attacks on small and midsize businesses, we recognize the need for cyber insurance to protect against potentially catastrophic financial loss. Completing applications and underwriting process seems like a pro forma process. All too often, however, businesses learn that the process is significantly more complicated. Most cyber insurers do not help with the services you need in the event of a data breach. Even more challenging, insurers are denying claims if businesses cannot demonstrate compliance with their underwriting documents.

Cyber Insurance is a tool, not a solution.

In our June 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon discusses cyber insurance trends and expectations, and as a key component of your response to a cyber attack.

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Streamlining Security

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, May 17 at 3:00 PM ET

The on-going coverage and hype about the threats of risks of cyber attacks continues. While small businesses are more vulnerable and more frequent targets, the constant fear-mongering does not help. We become immune to the message. 

Streamlining Security: Sound business practices, not fear, should be your motivation to protect against cyber attacks.

In our May 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon will identify the most common and most costly cyberattacks facing small businesses. He will then outline concrete, affordable actions and solutions to protect against these types of threats.

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Spring Cleaning Your Files

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, April 19 at 3:00 PM ET

Have you counted the number of places where you store your files? How often do you need to search more than one service or location to find what you need? You are not alone! In an era of virtually unlimited and nearly free storage, we fail to keep things organized. The clutter makes it more difficult to find what we need, collaborate with colleagues, and save what we must.

Using the file services you already have will increase productivity, protect your information, and save you money.

In our April 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon looks at how small and midsize organizations can most effectively use cloud file services to improve productivity, enhance security and privacy, and lower costs. With an understanding of personal file services – OneDrive and My Drive – and domain file services – Shared Drives and Sharepoint, businesses can build a file service that organizes and protects files in ways that make them easier to find, share, and use. With an eye on best practices, Allen will compare types of file services, define the role and use of desktop file service clients, and discuss ways to eliminate costly, redundant services. He will also share some Quick Tips that your staff can use to make it easier to work as a team.

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Beyond Backup

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, March 15 at 3:00 PM ET

We all know that we need to backup our data and our systems. The vast majority of us have backup solutions in place. Most of us will be able to restore our data or recover from a disaster. Only a few of us will be able to do so with minimum disruption to our businesses and our lives.

Being able to restore data is not an option. The real measure of success is how quickly you can get back to work.

In our March 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon looks at evolving business needs for data protection and business continuity. He will discuss the difference between “mean time to recovery” (MTTR) and “Return to Normal Operations” (RTO) and how these measures impact your business. He will also map out how restore, recovery, and continuity solutions offer different value propositions for you and your business and how to look at total cost and impact when selecting your solution.  

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Business Continuity & Protection

Peak Productivity

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, February 22nd at 3:00 PM ET

We all have our jobs to do. We want to do well. We want to succeed. We want and need peak productivity. 

While “hacks” are trendy, productivity is boosted when we understand how to best use the tools we have.

In our February 3T@3 Webcast, Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon takes a look at features and tools that can save you steps, simplify your day, and boost your productivity. Whether you run Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, learn how to get more done, more efficiently.

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Managed Cloud Services

Keep IT Simple

3T@3 Webcast Series: Tuesday, January 25th at 3:00 PM ET

For small and midsize businesses, particularly solopreneurs and very small businesses, information technology is a double edged sword. Solid IT services are critical to your success, but they consume your time and budget.

Using managed services ensures you have effective and affordable services and frees up time and money to focus on your core business activities.

In our January 3T@3 Webcast, our CEO, Allen Falcon, provides an IT roadmap for solopreneurs and very small businesses (those with fewer than 5 to 10 people). The roadmap is designed to ensure you have the communication, collaboration, and security features and functions you need, along with the services and support to prevent IT headaches and disruptions to your business. Allen will also walk through a value analysis, looking at the hard, soft, and opportunity cost and savings of well-managed IT services.

Please join us, and bring your questions, for this informative session.

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Managed Cloud Services