Resilient and Responsive Government (Gov Tech)

Whitepaper | Source: Government Technology — A case study of how Maryland and Wyoming used Google Workspace in response to pandemic-driven demand for more resilient and responsive government services.

Google Workspace Encryption

Whitepaper | Source: Google —
Security is a key consideration for organizations that choose Google Workspace. This paper describes Google’s approach to encryption and how it keeps your sensitive information safe.

Google Security Whitepaper

Whitepaper | Source: Google — Google fully understands the security implications of the cloud. Google services deliver better security than on-premises solutions.

12 Tips for Better Teamwork Using G Suite

eBook | Source: Cumulus Global

Response & Recovery 3T@3 Webcast

Presentation Slides | Source: Cumulus Global

Sample Policy – Use of Personal Devices

Sample Policy | Source: Cumulus Global

The Business Value of Cloud Computing

White Paper | Source: CFO Report

SaaS Data Loss: The Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Whitepaper | Source: Aberdeen